Memory Improvement, 7 Most Important Foods


Memory Improvement and the 7 Most Important Foods for it

Our brain, like any other organ in our body, requires nutrition and vitamins in order to work properly. Nutrition and vitamins are playing the role of the fuel for our brain and more specifically our memory. If you want to go full speed, you need to give your mind enough fuel. There are many foods which can help us with memory improvement. let’s take a look at the 7 most important ones of them:


Wild salmon for Memory Improvement Picture


Whenever you see a list of memory improvement foods, fishes are always a part of it. Especially any type of fatty fish like Salmon or Sardines. This kind of fishes has a great deal of omega-3. Omega-3 is an important fatty acid, which will help our brain to grow and repair its damaged cells. It will also decrease the risk of getting Alzheimer as well as helping us prevent depression. Eat more fish, gain more omega-3 and have a healthier mind.



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Berries are a good source of different antioxidants which increase our memory strength and help our brain to fight against diseases like Alzheimer and Brain inflammation. They also reduce oxidative stress, which is really harmful to the brain. Researches show that some of these antioxidants will improve the connection between the brain cells, which will result in memory improvement. Other studies say that berries will help our brain to prevent short-time memory loss.



You may use it in your foods, especially if you are Indian, yet I bet you will get shocked if you know how much benefits it has for our brain. It has some ingredients which will directly enter our brain cells and deliver its message. It will remove the amyloid plaques, which are considered to be a hallmark for Alzheimer disease. Like Omega-3, Turmeric will help the brain to grow its cells. It will also help the brain to fight depression.


4.Dark Chocolate for Memory Improvement

Dark Chocolate contains plenty of flavonoids, caffeine, and antioxidants, which will boost our brain

Chocolate tablet pictureand help it work better. You can also find them in Cocoa Powder. Flavonoids will directly affect the memory and learning department of our brains, as it changes the way it works. Enhancing memory and increasing learning are not the only benefits of dark chocolate and cocoa powder, it can also reduce the risk of getting mental decline by getting old.



5.Memory Improvement and Eggs


Having a rich source of protein, researches have shown that it also has choline, which is an important chemical for neurotransmitters. Since many people do not eat enough choline in their diet, the egg yolks are a good source of this nutrient which is really important for our brain. They also include vitamins B6 and B12, that has a lot of benefits for our brain and Memory. The cholesterol you find in eggs, is a part of our brain cells. Folate is another nutrient that you can find in eggs. Scientists believe that the lack of folic acid will increase the risk of getting mental decline. Thus eating more egg will help you to fight with it.



Nuts for Memory Improvement picture

Eating nuts not only improve our heart health, but it will improve our brain’s working rate as well. Studies show that those who regularly eat nuts, will have a sharper memory compared with those who do not. They are also a rich source for Vitamin E. Vitamin E will protect our cells from oxidative stress especially as we grow older and the amount of this stress increases in our brains. You may also find a great deal of omega-3 in some of them like walnuts.




7.Drink Green Tea for Memory Improvement

green-tea- picture


The last but not the least one is an herbal beverage you may use every day, but have you ever considered it as something good for memory improvement? Green Tea will increase alertness and strengthens our memory. We talked about the importance of concentration and green tea can increase our alertness which will result in a higher level of concentration. Like most of these foods, green tea has a lot of polyphenols and antioxidants, which will protect our brain cells as well.



Don’t forget to fuel your brains. We have a long journey ahead, get ready for it!

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