How to increase concentration for studying?

How to increase concentration for studying?

Whenever we have an exam or we are trying to learn something by reading, we always struggle with our attention. For many of us, it is almost impossible to focus on what we are reading. If we learn how to increase concentration while we are studying something, we will be able to make our mind focused on what we are reading. Since our mind is like a muscle, the more we practice, the better it gets. here are 5 factors which will help you how to increase concentration for studying.

Human Mind increase concentration


Although you might think that our mind is the only organ which needs exercises to become more concentrated, body exercises will directly affect your mind and its work rate. Researches have shown that exercise will help our brain to avoid distractions, thus it will increase concentration while we are doing something or reading a text. To keep your body healthy results in your brain working properly.


2. Try Meditation to increase concentration

Many of us do meditation in order to keep calm and avoid anxieties of everyday life. Not only will it gives us calmness, but it can also help us to increase concentration. Researches prove that those who participate in yoga and other meditation classes have the chance to increase their concentration significantly. Regularly doing meditations will sharpen your mind and calms your body.


3. Be Curious

Curiosity killed the cat, but it can help you! ٌWhen you are curious about something, your attention will completely go with it.  This will automatically increase your concentration during the time. Charles Darwin used to do this technique a lot. He would sit and stare at different creatures, trying to find their attributes. William James also believed that the more curious we will be about everything, the more concentrated our mind becomes.


4. Mindfulness will help you to increase concentration

“Wherever you are, be there.” This is a quote by Jim Rohn, one of the most successful people of all times. No matter we are reading a novel or we are fixing someone’s car. The only thing that we need to do is trying to focus on what we are doing at that very moment. If we give all of our attention to what we are doing, it will gradually increase our total concentration. This will help us to concentrate on whatever we want, even without trying hard to focus on it. Our brain is not able to do two things together, thus we won’t be able to divide our concentration into two parts and give every activity a part of it.


5. Avoid Distractors

There are many things around us which can distract us every moment. Our cellphones and social media apps, different TV programs or any other thing can distract you while you are doing your job. If you are doing something and you can’t focus on it, it is better to make a change to remove all distractions. Here are some instructions:

  1. Change where you are studying. The atmosphere is quite important.
  2. Put away your phone during your study time.
  3. Sometimes a piece of classical or instrumental music can help you increase concentration.
  4. Start With the things you are interested in.


Final words

Concentration plays an eminent role in our lives and if we can’t concentrate on what we are doing, we won’t be able to achieve what we want. Speed reading, memory tricks, and almost any other technique require concentration. In order to learn how to increase concentration significantly, you can register in our Spead reading program and increase your concentration step by step.




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