How to make a Mind Map like a pro

How to make a Mind Map like a pro


Since we all know the Importance of visualization in memory, today we are going to learn a new pattern, with which we can almost remember everything we want. Mind maps are probably the most practical diagrams which can help us in our studies and exams. One fact about mind maps is that they are personal, which means everyone can draw his or her own. Also, the only one who can read and understand it is the person who drew it.
In order to learn how to make a mind map, we should learn that each mind map has some common features with the others:

  1. All mind maps are colorful (or they should be!)
  2. They have different signs and marks
  3. Pictures playing an eminent role in mind maps
  4. they have different branches (just like a tree)

Mind maps sample

How can we benefit from mind maps?


Tony Buzan, one of the for-runners and so-called inventor of this technique, says that mind maps are generally designed to gather a large amount of information in a single diagram, this will help us to use them whenever we are studying a text or we want to get ready for an important exam. Also since mind maps are visual, it will be easier to memorize and remember them. Imagine that you had studied a book years ago and now you want to review it in order to remember what it was all about. If you had drawn mind maps before each chapter, you will have a better chance of recalling what you have read years ago.

You can even use it for your exams, if you know how to make a mind map, you can gather a great deal of information you need for an exam. Draw mind maps for each one of them and this will summarize a great deal of information that you need to know. Besides, you won’t need to use so much time and energy to review everything you have already read.
Maybe you are going to have a lecture at a big conference, mind maps will surely help you to remember and recall whatever you want to say when the time comes for it.


Mind map rules and different parts


Like any other method, in order to learn how to make a mind map, you have some rules to consider. Following these rules will help you to draw and use them. The four key factors of the mind maps are:

  1. They should be tangible for you
  2. Mind maps should be easy to remember
  3. They should be easy to recall
  4. Only keywords should be used in mind maps

When you look at your mind maps, you will remember the very drawing of each one of them. This fact enables you to recall what they were all about and what sort of information are they trying to give you. Another important point to consider is that you are completely free to draw your mind maps. This feature makes mind maps versatile, if you follow the main rules, you can use as much creativity as you like to.
In every mind map, we are dealing with two types of branches:

  1. Primary branches: these branches are directly related to the main topic or subject. They are most likely to be the beginning chapters of a book.
  2. Secondary branches: these branches are rather indirectly connected to the main subject and there you can find the details of the main subject.
    Every piece of information inside different mind maps should be connected to each other through these branches and none of them should remain free in the air. Another important point about branches is their length. They should be neither long nor short so you can write additional information on them.

Make your own mind map

Now let’s have a little bit of practice to see if we have learned how to make a mind map.
Bring these things to start:

  1. A white paper sheet ( A4 or A3 )
  2. Bunch of colorful pens or pencils

First, write down the word “Family” in the middle of the page. Then draw some branches and at the end of each write down the name of your family members. Next, you should draw two other branches for each family member and write down good and bad attributes on them. At the end you should write down two good and two bad attributes of your family members, using two new branches to do it.


Are you now interested in Mind maps?


Mind Maps are one of the most practical study tools which can enormously help us in our lives. Different features of a mind map enable it to become a viable weapon for students all around the world. Do you want to learn how to make a mind map like a pro? Well, our mind mapping course is here to help you.  Use the link so that you can get our lifetime support as a gift.



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