How to reduce Subvocalization with 5 practical strategies

Subvocalization and how to reduce it Firstly, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our readers (and new readers coming for the first time today).  We here at readingjump (especially the author) apologize for the absence of new articles.  Specifically, I want to apologize for not helping our readers in today’s article […]

Strategies for active reading – master the art of success

Strategies for Active Reading – Master the art of success Welcome back to Readingjump. We are excited about all the new skills that we are bringing to you.  The strategies that can help you excel in your learning career. Strategies for active reading can be considered PART II in the ‘What is active reading – […]

What is active reading – becoming the master.

What is active reading : Becoming the master. Now that you’ve learned all about getting your gear into action with the ‘tips and tricks of reading fast ‘, you are ready to employ that information in learning active reading. Active reading? Huh? ‘What is active reading?  Glad you asked or we wouldn’t have an article […]

Tips and tricks for reading fast : Quick and Easy!

Tips and Tricks for reading fast Tips and tricks – Say that fast five times in a hurry – Go on.  Try it.  Ok. Now that we’ve had our moment of loose humor – I’d like you to come back to the article. We are. going to talk about some useful important Tips and tricks […]

How to read faster, a complete guide to increase your reading speed

How to read faster than ever, learn the best techniques to increase your reading speed! You have come to this article because you understand the importance of speed reading – now you want to understand How to do it?  Everyone’s mind is different.  Everyone’s learning style is too.  Many books and sites give really good […]

The importance of speed reading in different aspects of life

The Importance of Speed Reading

Concentration skills for students and how to use them?

Concentration skills for students With all the distractions competing for students in this modern lifestyle, the issue of buckling down to concentrate on studies is a challenge most of you face. Challenges of daily duties burdening you outside of school to heavy loads of reading and assignments from well-intending teachers and professors. You may face […]

How to enjoy learning what we hate the most!

How to enjoy learning The most important factor for anything important in life is to find enjoyment in doing it.  Enjoyment comes from inspiration. While knowledge itself is inspiring, its inspiration can be enhanced by adding new good habits that increase the joy of learning. Several internal and external factors can help us to feel […]

Speed Reading Books(the best ones of all time)

Speed reading books teach you a skill which helps readers to increase their speed of reading. it also keeps comprehension at a high level. Various techniques of speed reading help you learn to concentrate on your purpose of reading. They also help you not to disturb and spend time on unnecessary details. There are various […]

How to Memorize Long Numbers in 1 minute

Memorizing long numbers such as an E-mail password or an ID code has always been a challenge for us. Or when someone wants to give us his phone-number and we neither have our cellphone nor a piece of paper on hand.  We may even forget the birthday of our loved ones. What would you do […]