Become A Jumper!

ReadingJump not only is teaching you new techniques, also provides you an opportunity to contribute in selling our products, and make money for yourself!

Having a second (part-time) job can always help you with your financial problems, especially when it won’t take much of your time. By becoming a Jumper you will be able to increase your monthly income and always save some money for your dark days! You may even think that if you had a part- time job you could have buy something which occupied a certain part of your mind for a long time. The good news is that now you can buy it, without laboring or doing any hard or tiresome jobs.

Becoming a Jumper allows you to experience online marketing and start to earn money, with no money or product to start. This can help you to get more experienced in this field, while you are making money only by posting on your Facebook or Instagram. Plus, you can even start your own online business after you learned about online marketing.

How does it happen?

Easy as you like! First you need to register on our website, then you should go to “Become a Jumper (link)” tab and fill out the form. After filling the form, we will review your request as soon as possible. By accepting your request, you will have a personal link through which you can sell our products with the others. You can do this on your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram or send your link to the others via E-mail. After people joining in our site with your link, in the next 30 days if they buy any of our products, 10% of its price will settle in your account.

If you still have any questions, you may find it below.

Usual Questions

Until when my costumers’ purchases will benefit me?

  • If anyone buys our products with your link during the 30 days after their registration, you will also benefit from their purchase.

Should I buy any of your products to be able to become a Jumper?

  • You can become a Jumper even without buying our products, but if you buy any of them you will have extra bonus if anyone buys that specific product.

Should I personally send the products for the costumers?

  • The only thing that you have to do is to advertise our products on your page. Other steps will all be done by ReadingJump.

How can ReadingJump understand that how much products did my costumers buy?

  • You will have a personal link for yourself. If everyone uses that link to register and buy our products, it will be counter on your accountàJumper section. You can also always see how many people have registered on our site with your link and if they had bought any product.

Where and how can I send my personal link?

  • You can send your personal link through any social media programs or even on your website or blog, or any other messaging applications. You may even like to write it below your letter, go on, give it a try!

How can I withdraw the money from my account?

  • You have to wait until the money in your account reaches a specific point (based on your activity) and then you we will deposit the cash into your credit card.

Which pages are better to direct the costumers?

  • It is better to direct your costumers to non-product pages, such as articles. People usually will not register on a website if the first thing that they see will be a page in which they have to pay to get something.

How can I put your products on my social media account or website?

  • You can use our banners or pictures and link them with your personal link. If they click on the picture they will be directed to the product page through your link.

Can I use Jumper system, for selling all of your products?

  • Jumper system has been designed for all of our products.

Jumpers experiences

Here you can read some of our Jumpers experiences and learn how much do they earn each week.

“Hey I’m Matt, 21 years old from California. I just want to thank you first for your amazing courses and then for this job opportunity called Becoming a Jumper. I’ve been struggling with my financial problems until I became a Jumper. Now it’s about 4 month that I’m a Jumper and I earn * dollars per week. Thank you ReadingJump.”

“Hi this is Naomi, 29 years old from Singapore. I started to Jump from 2 month ago, since I spent a lot of time on social media, when I saw this idea, I immediately filled the form. Now I’m making * dollars per week and I’m really happy about it!”

“Hello, I’m John. As a married father who turned 34 last month, I always tried to find a way to make more money in order to make the life better for my family. When my wife told me that an opportunity like this exists, so many fresh thought came to my mind about how to use it in my free times. My wife participated in your memory program and she helped me a lot with Becoming a Jumper. Thanks to you, now I make around * dollars more in each week.”