Build a palace for your memory

Restoring and remembering different things has always been a challenge for human being. Our ancestors always struggled to find their way back home, even sometimes they couldn’t find where they have been restoring food all the year for winter. These things has lead man to develop something which could help him to remember and recall anything forever. This old but gold technique is called the memory palace technique. It is being used by the ancient Romans and Greeks even before the birth of the Christ.

Human’s memory has two different parts, one is natural (Biological) and the other one is artificial. Natural or Biological memory is the memory that we already have and have been born with. While artificial memory is the memory that we nurture throughout our life by using different techniques and methods.

Imagine that you went to a friend’s birthday party and you had a lot of fun in there. When you recall this experience, the first thing which comes to your mind is the place in which the party has been held. This happens because our memory usually remembers and recalls places better than the other things, you know why? Because we have a picture of them in our minds.

This is exactly what memory palace technique is all about, visualizing and placing different pieces of information in different areas of a visionary place, will help us remembering them much easier. The memory palace technique is one of the best and oldest techniques which has been used to remember different things during decades and centuries.

How it works?

Based on its name, the memory palace technique is basically based on placing different information in an order, so that we can easily memorize and recall them whenever we want. For example imagine you want to memorize ingredients of a soup, you will need carrots, potato, broccoli and onion, but how can you memorize them? First you need to close your eyes and think of a familiar place. Your house or your neighborhood could be good choices. Then imagine as you enter the house, there is a big potato sitting on the couch and is watching TV. Inside TV, there are a number of carrots which are jumping up and down. You move to the kitchen and see a broccoli is washing your dishes. And when you enter your own room, you see a big red onion, sleeping on your bed.

That is an example of how to use memory palace technique. What you have to do is that you should give visual figures to every piece of information that you want to remember. It is better to make them funny or strange. Then with the help of your imagination, you should go through somewhere that you are completely familiar with. For example inside a house there are different rooms or inside an avenue you see different streets. Next you have to put every piece of information into one of these parts. Then you have to move to the next area and put another piece of information in there. After you finished with all of the information, you have to check your route once more.

Visualizing different concepts and ideas will help you to remember them better. Even numbers can be restored into your mind better than before, if only you give them a tangible shape. Imagine that you have to memorize number 9, it might be hard for you to memorize this number the way it really is, but what happens if you imagine a cookie shaped like number 9? As you see, visualizing will help you to memorize everything better, especially when you want to use the memory palace technique, visual things are always helpful.

Where to use it?

The memory palace technique can be used in almost everywhere, from remembering your grocery list to memorizing different information for an exam. You might argue how we can use this technique for remembering long information. The point is that you have to find the keywords inside each theory, idea or lesson. Keywords are also easier to be changed to tangible and visual things.

Final word

The memory palace technique is probably the oldest and most practical technique that everyone can use. Using visual figures in the mind palace technique, not only will help you remember things easier, but it can also develop you visual memory as well.


Use the memory palace technique to remember these words by order:

Car, Pigeon, Money, Squirrel, Lamp, Cup, Ball

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