How to Memorize Long Numbers in 1 minute

Memorizing long numbers such as an E-mail password or an ID code has always been a challenge for us. Or when someone wants to give us his phone-number and we neither have our cellphone nor a piece of paper on hand. 
We may even forget the birthday of our loved ones.
What would you do in these situations? We will show you how to memorize long numbers. 

Psychologists believe that our brain can remember 6 to 7 digits of a number together. This means that if we have an eight or nine digit number it will be almost impossible for a normal, healthy brain to store it.
But is this the end of the world? Don’t you know any way with which we can memorize long numbers in our minds?

Since childhood, we have been told that if we want to memorize a long number, we have to repeat it over so that we can imprint it into our memories.
But this method hasn’t always worked – has it? And if by chance it DOES, it will not be. long before we forget the number again.
Today we are going to teach you a method, with which you can memorize and remember every number that you want, regardless of its length.

Visualizing, the key to remembering (How to memorize long numbers)

Having learned the memory palace technique, now we are aware of the importance of visualization in memorizing and remembering information. We can use pictures and visual figures to memorize large numbers as well.

Our brain is divided into two halves (Hemispheres).  Each one of them processes different types of information. While the left hemisphere process the numerical and. logical information, the right hemisphere will process the visual and creative information. In order to memorize large numbers more easily, we have to use both of these halves together. It means that if we want to memorize a number, we have to give it an image so that the number will trigger a regular and immediate image of that number in our mind. Let us see how this works in reality. 

Memorizing through visualizing

Now we are going to learn that how this technique really works.

  1. First pick a piece of paper (A4 size at least)
  2. Then start wring numbers from 0 to 9 on it. Give them enough space and write each number in a single line.

Now look at each number and start thinking about everything which this number represents to your mind.
As an example, for me number 1 always represents a pen, or number 2 shapes like a duck.
No matter what your images are, the important thing is that you should not give a number two pictures and the pictures should be easy to remember, otherwise they will be useless.

how to memorize long numbers

Another point is that you have to constantly repeat and review these pictures in your mind, so that they will become a part of your long-term memory.
When we want to memorize long numbers, this exercise will help our mind to automatically remember the picture of each number right after we see or hear it.

Now imagine you want to memorize a 4 digits number. A four digits number should represent 4 images in our minds, since each number has got an image to itself. When you see the number, your mind will automatically find the picture which represents the number.
What you have to do is to put these images next to each other and try to make a story with it.
You will remember the story better, if it will be something strange or funny.

example for how to memorize long numbers:

consider we have a 3 digits number to memorize. 140
first we need to put the pictures of these numbers together to make a story.
1: a candle for example
2: a boat
0: a wheel
to memorize this number you should picture candle on a wheeled boat. 


how to memorize more than one long number?

But what happens if we have more than one long number to memorize?
In that case we can combine this method with the mind palace technique so that we can memorize all of those numbers easily.
How? It is simple, all you have to do is to give each number a room to itself. Then all you have to do is to visualize each of these numbers inside the rooms and then go from one room to the other in order to remember or memorize long numbers.

mind castle technique


Try to memorize these numbers, using the technique you just leaned.

4258- 42692- 36945- 29074- 57190- 42395271- 8471257935876- 2475983014795527419

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