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Speed Reading Books(the best ones of all time)

Speed Reading Books picture 1Speed reading books teach you a skill which helps readers to increase their speed of reading.
it also keeps comprehension at a high level.
Various techniques of speed reading help you learn to concentrate on your purpose of reading.
They also help you not to disturb and spend time on unnecessary details.
There are various tools available to guide you how to improve this skill.
Surely the most important key for improvement of any skill is to practice.

Several speed reading books are available which give you useful exercises by means of which you can increase speed of reading as well as other reading skills in a relatively short time.
These books are written by professionals who have practiced and presented methods for so many years and have represented their own and their students’ experiences.
In these speed reading books several techniques of speed reading followed by useful related practices are provided.
Some of these speed reading books claim to improve your reading skills in a very short time and their usefulness are approved by their readers.

Here we introduce you some of the most useful and popular speed reading books available.

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This book is a reflection on Ron Cole’s teaching experience in the realm of reading.
As this speed reading book is written by a reading teacher with so many years of experience, it is a suitable book for learners of any level and many useful strategies are introduced which can surely help you to increase your reading speed. You are recommended by the author to assess yourself prior to reading the book.
If you are looking for a practical guideline, “How to be a super reader” is one of the best choices for you.

  • The complete Idiot’s Guide to speed reading

Abby Marks, the author, is an expert in the adult learning realm and provides a step by step guideline in a simple language.
Her book is one of the best speed reading books out there that is practical for various practitioners.
The prominent point about this book is that it is easy to apply.
experience has proved all of the represented strategies.

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This speed reading book is a collection of the most useful techniques for speed reading which have been practiced for about 40 years.
Trainers claim that you can manage to read up to 8 times faster after practicing presented techniques in the book.
you can improve any skill by practicing and at the end of each chapter some related exercises are given to be done before moving on to another chapter.

Top Books About Speed Reading

  • 10 days to faster reading (Abby Marks Beale)

Princeton Language Institute has published this speed reading book.
As you can see in the title this book claims to increase your speed of reading in just 10 days.
You can test your present level of reading by means of the quizzes given in the book then practice the techniques presented to improve your reading skill, concentration and peripheral vision.
You can get familiar with skimming and scanning technique through the book.

  • Guide to speed reading (Nathan Armstrong)

In this speed reading book, personal experiences of the author regarding speed reading are represented and some very useful techniques and strategies are introduced which can improve your reading skill.

  • Triple your reading speed (Wade E.Cutler)

This speed reading book claims to increase the speed of reading three times faster.
It discusses influential factors on reading Skill and useful practices.

Above mentioned books are some of the most popular ones.
Several other useful books are available including:

  • The speed reading book (Tony Buzan)

This book talks about brain and learning backgrounds and works on various aspects of reading (comprehension, speed, and quality).

  • Super reading secrets (Howard Stephen Berg)

The holder of The Guinness Word Record as the fastest global reader has written this book, and through the book the author explains his own experiences.


  • Photo-reading (Paul R. Scheele)

This book introduces A new method as photo-reading or mental photographing which is a way of information processing.
The book claims that by means of this method you can read more than one page in a minute.

  • Seven-day speed reading and learning program (Evelyn Wood)

This is a seven day guideline which help you gain reading skills very quickly.

All of above mentioned books have several techniques and practices to help you improve your reading skill, concentration and comprehension.
The key element emphasized by all these books is to practice and they give you very good guidelines to help you find the way.
Also, all of these books are available.

Attending speed reading courses can be another suitable choice for you,
Your teacher may introduce a book which best suits your personal needs.
Simultaneous use of speed reading books and courses can be most influential.



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