Speed reading Exercises for Improving your Reading

Best Speed Reading Exercises

As it is clear by its name, speed reading is an ability to read a text quickly. Speed reading is most suitable for those who are searching for some special information. There are several books, software, and videos available which contain various techniques regarding speed reading. Today we are going to learn some the best speed reading exercises to help improve our reading speed.

Why Should we practice Speed Reading exercises?


Practice makes perfect. If you want to learn speed reading, the key point is to practice. There are several techniques for speed reading which we will mention some of them briefly and you should practice these speed reading exercises on a daily basis. Keep on practicing to improve your speed reading in a short time.


Top 9 Speed Reading Exercises

Here there are some recommendations for speed reading a text which can help you improve your reading speed as well as keeping your comprehension rate at an acceptable level:

1. You should know what are you looking for

Remember that speed reading is a practice most suitable for those who are looking for specific information within a text. So, ask yourself what information you are looking for. Not all sections of a text are relevant to what you are looking for. Focus on your goal and find relevant parts by skimming and scanning. This speed reading exercise helps you to concentrate on the most important points and put irrelevant parts aside.

Animated girl studying


2. Do not focus on trees, grasp the forest

When you chose a text to read, do not start from the first sentence and do not keep on reading word by word.

First, try to find the main ideas of the text by skimming and scanning the text. These are of the most important speed reading exercises. When you skim and scan a text you are looking for clues to find out what the text is about and how the sections and chapters are organized. So, in this speed reading exercise, read the headings, beginning and ending sentences of each paragraph and have a short look at the summary and conclusion parts.

Of course, by skimming and scanning, you will not gain a full comprehension over the text, but you can get an insight into the information given through the text and its organization. In other words, you will find out where you can find your required information through the text.

Speed reading exercises book


3. Widen your sight

Eye practice is one of the most important speed reading exercises. You should practice reading a group of words together instead of reading single words. Speed readers have a wide sight and they can see a whole sentence as a single unit. As a good practice, you can divide your page into three columns and try to see words of each column in a single look and then jump into the next column. This can help you widen your sight.


4. Try to minimize sub-vocalization

When you read a text, you pronounce the words in your mind which are called sub-vocalization. When you say words in your mind, your reading speed in as low as your speaking rate. One of the speed reading exercises is to minimize saying words in your mind. It is enough to look at the sentences without trying to say them in mind.



5. Improve your eye movement by meta guiding

In this speed reading exercise which is called meta-guiding you can use something, for example, a pen or a finger (which is called a pointer), to guide your eye movement and follow the text you are reading. This technique improves your concentration as well as increasing your reading speed. It is also claimed that meta-guiding can help you to overcome sub-vocalization.

speed reading exercise hand pacing


6. Use time frames for practice

Select some pages to read and pre-define a time span for reading each page, for example, 60 seconds for each page. Then reduce this time to 50 seconds and so on.

timer in front of the book



7. Have a pencil in hand to take small notes

While reading a text, take small notes on margins of the pages and underline important points and keywords. This technique will improve your comprehension. Also, it helps you to go through important parts rapidly when you are reviewing what you have read before.

highlighting marker



8. Speed reading exercises for eyes

You should improve your eyes by rapid changes of position. Draw a star on A4 paper and write number 1 to 6 on its angles. Follow these numbers by your eyes rapidly without moving your head from 1 to 6 and vice versa. You can try other shapes like rectangle, as well. There is some software for eye movement improvement specially designed for speed reading.

Speed reading exercise Star shape



9. Work on your concentration

You need to focus on what you are reading, otherwise, you may repeat a single sentence several times in order to get the meaning. Exercises like relaxation can help you work on your concentration.


Looking for more Speed Reading exercises?

More practice will make you better at something. If you are looking for more Speed Reading Exercises, you can purchase our Speed Reading course. In this course, we will teach you how to become a good speed reader.


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