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Tips and tricks for reading fast : Quick and Easy!

Tips and Tricks for reading fast

Tips and tricks – Say that fast five times in a hurry – Go on.  Try it.  Ok. Now that we’ve had our moment of loose humor – I’d like you to come back to the article. We are. going to talk about some useful important Tips and tricks for reading fast.

As you have gathered by our above exercise and humor, today’s article is about tips and tricks for reading fast. I hope you are coming here from having read all about our foundational information in ‘How to read faster’ where you will have found the main obstacles of reading fast, a guide on how to remove them and some foundational information upon which you can build your reading and jack up the speed. If you haven’t read it yet, you might want to read that first.  But even if you decide to stay and read on, you can still go back and fill in on that information later.

The trick to reading faster – Make it organic how to read faster 2

In this article, I want to turn the act of reading, not into a mechanical mental or cognitive grind, but into a real experience,  something that has life.  Something that you can form a relationship with. Like a friend who you cannot wait to share an experience with.  Whether it’s a University textbook (an intellectual friend) or a novel (a travel and life companion).

I want you to see books in the same way. Easier said than done you say?

“How am I supposed to do that and speed through them at the same time? ”

Well, that’s HOW you are going to speed through it – organically rather than technically.

I want to begin, however, with very important build-ups to help you get lost in the pages of whatever reading you are doing. So let’s begin with those factors first shall we?

FOCUS, AWARENESS, and CONCENTRATION, all the best Tips for reading fast


In our article on ‘concentration skills for students’, we covered some cool concentration tips. Right now I want to talk a little more about it because it’s the lifeblood of reading fast. When you approach your reading, don’t go straight into it. Form a warm-up ritual before you approach the page. Even if it is your light prose. Before approaching your lovely novel, relax and think about all the reasons you WANT to read this particular book (if it’s an assignment you can still find reasons to want to read it even if you don’t initially hunger for it). This desire and acknowledging reasons for the desire are very important. We will get to the why in a bit.

How Ambiance is one of the tips for reading fast? How Ambiance is one of the tips for reading fast? 

So you have your novel and time set aside. Now set up the environment. A hot beverage, a candle, incense or essential oils and maybe you have a favorite crystal to keep in your vicinity or hold that will help with concentration (blue is the color of knowledge and black is the color of grounding and removing negative energies which are both necessary). If you like certain sounds of nature or classical music in the background – put that on too. But don’t just sit un-sanctuaried.  Some people like to recite chants, mantras or ‘dhikrs’.  Others recite prayers as a form of preparation and meditation.

These all help to prepare your mental and emotional space.  They create incentives and reasons why you want to read this book or why it is useful for your life.  They help your heart to connect to your task. If you don’t enjoy what you do, you won’t absorb it.  But if you’re mentally and emotionally prepared you WILL read faster. You will reach that space where time ceases.

This is the space you want to reach every single time you read and this will help you go faster and faster with every practice.

Your Sessions

Being committed to your session is a majorly important trick for reading fast. IF. YOU SKIP YOU DIP in your reading rate. Don’t skip days or practices, keep up the regularity.  If you go backward,  your reading pace will too.When we skip, we lose momentum and feel like we need to play catch-up because we ARE.  But we cannot. The mind has a short term capacity and so does our memory. When we play catch-up we are in a kind. of competition.  We lose our alignment. We stress ourselves out and put too much pressure on the brain but to read fast we need the connection of the heart – comprehension, and enjoyment – as well as the brain or you can easily end up with headaches.

The brain is not the only place that reading takes place, rather, reading is a holistic experience – even if it’s informational reading for school/university.

Preparation for textbook readingpreparing tips for reading faster

When you sit to read for business, assignments or study (even self-studies), think for a few minutes, with a timer if it helps – firstly, about what you WANT to get out of this and secondly, what you NEED
to get out of it.

Always take care of the want to part of your equations because you will do better and fly through that reading once you realize what your heart wants. Many studies have been done on the combination of enjoying learning and the mind and found that it is just as important as the cognitive aspect.

What do you NEED to get out of the text

You can go through your instructor’s guidelines or the questions at the end of the chapter to help you answer this question. This will automatically speed up your reading because you will not just be trying to absorb the text that your own mind has not consciously emptied space for it to be filed in. You must prepare your mind just like you prepare your stomach to eat. Everything in nature follows the same process. So ask the questions that you need answering in your reading and you will fly through the material looking for answers.

The trick-treat – Organically reading fast trick and treat

Why do we read novels? What is different from prose and academic or non-fiction texts? Novels are conversations about life, aren’t they? Life is about living. The first intention for reading prose is to expand our experiences of life through the written word. We get transported to different places, see different faces of nature, smell unfamiliar smells and foods and hear sounds that we may not hear where we live. One cannot hear the New York police, ambulance or fire brigade sirens in Calcutta, I cannot see the colors of Thailand in London, neither can I feel the pain of a person who has lost a loved one if I have never done so.

Prose and autobiographies of talented writers are able to do that for us and we choose those books because we want to live through particular experiences for the duration of the book through that person’s eyes, heart, and ears. These experiences and sensations expand our intelligence, our empathy our ‘wanderlust’ and we want to live through them and come out changed, a bigger person, with an expanded heart. In essence, we are traveling with everything BUT our limbs through our minds. It only makes sense that although we do not want to lose out on reading more in a shorter time, we also don’t want to kill that opportunity for growth when we ARE spending the time and turning up at the page.

Opening your inner window is another one of the tips for reading fast

mindfulness is one of the tips for reading fast

I have a ‘Trick treat’ for you. Before I give everything away, I want you to think back to when you tried to learn a new language. What did you learn first? You learned all the names for things. The things you could see didn’t you? This is a door, this is my nose, his name is Oliver and so on. Well why? Because we need to understand our world – the physical space in which we live, what we see, the name of our foods, the names of the countries on the map.  We label the tangibles- first.  With reading, we feel the tangibles with our hearts and third eyes.
It’s not only easier to build on the physical space and build the abstracts on them, but it’s also the way we grow up learning. We want to satisfy our physical senses and if we don’t we are left unsatisfied as well as disconnected from life and the the life of the story.

The tip that I have for you in this section is a treat for this reason. It does not focus on the  technicalities of the movement of the physical eye but on the third eye as well as all the cognitive connections to the senses. When you read a novel, let your focus on the physical eye go. Forget it completely and focus inward. Use your eye only as a GUIDED tool – one that is guided by your hunger for experiences. When you read a passage have a mental order in which to focus your attention and that order is as follows.

The physical world


Visual descriptions, smells, tastes, sounds.
Names and places
Conversations and lastly thoughts.

If you follow the above order, you will get the hang of it and it will improve with every reading to the extent in which you are connected to the story.

Not every line has physical descriptions or even a sensual one so your mind automatically looks for the lower and lower order of craving from the senses right up. to. the abstractions of the mind, until it reaches thoughts and ideas.  Your mind by this time will not only be ready to absorb it but will be guided into greater depth aswell.  We will cover that in the next section.
What you will find when you use this very real trick for reading faster- is that you will naturally be carried away by the satisfaction of your hunger as well as an awareness of the delicious details of a novel. Not only will you see them and feel them clearer, but chances are much higher that you will actually remember the details.

physical world

When it comes to the verbs – they pull together the physical details along with the conversation of the story so there is no effort in receiving those.

However, let’s say you are reading this book for language or literary purposes. Then you can sail through each reading with a different intention and purpose. Maybe you want to read it or rather speed read it once just for the purpose of dialogue or plot. Remember where the awareness goes, the energy flows. You will learn to read prose organically and be able to connect to every novel in the way the author wants you to. Because you are connecting both with empathy and the third eye. When the third eye is connected, the cognitive faculties are prepared. These. are. the organics of speed reading.

Tips for reading fast textbooks and informational reading

Informational reading

READ A LOT OF FICTION in many genres.

That’s our first TRICK for reading fast in the informational category and it works! Aim for a particular number of. novels. per week or per month (one novel per week is a reasonabke and. productive goal)

The process of reading fiction or autobiographies is the process of feeding your imagination and heart through the eye. It keeps the mind active and nurtured and increases your vocabulary. When you keep a variety of reading in your practices you provide agility and flexibility. It prepares the cognitive functioning of the mind to ready itself for a greater variety of information. This allows you to read faster because you’ve cultivated not only your heart but your mind. People who read a lot of literature are more prepared to approach a broader variety of subjects. Their minds are more flexible.

Now you are ready for the texts

reading faster

If you’ve followed our tips and tricks so far, then you are already ready to read fast naturally and will approach texts more organically too. There are a few differences in reading informational material though and we will discuss them here.

With literature and prose, we approach reading from our intuition and senses but with informational material, we approach it from the opposite direction – logic. What do you need to know?

We have already gone over the bones of this in ‘How to read faster’ so we are just going to fill in some gaps here.

Look for the concepts first and aim for understanding in your first skim reading after the preview of the contents and the sections and subheadings.

When you have your head around the concepts go back and fill in the names, dates and major points such as advantages, disadvantages, etc. When you have taken a mental note of those,  just go back and jot them down in a mind map (narrow the point down to a word or two) and then you can expand in linear form for more detail.


Tips for reading fast, Mind-Maps and note-taking

The process of note-taking in mind map form, looks after the function of the right brain first and ensures you have the main points while the linear form of taking notes takes care of more. of the explanations. This speeds up your reading because you know that you don’t NEED to stuff all the information in all together but can come back and capture those memorizing points during the writing phase.

When we begin a term or semester of a subject, most of us are anxious to get the whole idea and feel that impatience to understand what we are in for. There is a curiosity.  Previewing the entire section or book, allows us to satisfy that curiosity so we don’t find ourselves rushing through the material. We CAN give into our intuition and inner guidance of learning which we often feel we have to ignore.

hot air balloon

So that’s it. These are really the major Tips and tricks for reading fast or better to say to speed read that you need to know to breathe life and soul into your reading, accelerating your reading too. You will be reading faster with ease and enjoyment naturally and it is almost fail-proof for any type of reading that you do provided that you actually READ.

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